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Our Story – In the 1980’s Plano, TX schools had an alarming number of suicides and drug overdoses that the superintendent of the schools and a group of businessmen/women got together to prevent this new problem plaguing their community.  They sought out experts to develop a parenting curriculum that could be utilized by the schools.

Three years were spent researching other parenting programs and looking at ways programs were or were not successful.  Drawing from a family system’s approach and the studies of healthy family functioning by Lewis, Beavers, Gossett, and Phillips and the studies of family atmospheres by Baumrind, a curriculum was developed.  By 1985, a core curriculum was written and adopted and in 1986 district staff members began offering the community parent education courses.  It was a great success for that community and is still being used there presently.  In 2008 it was decided to sell Practical Parent Education to a small group of business partners, with the intent and benefit that this curricula could now benefit other communities throughout the U.S.

Our Curricula

  • 1985 Parental Involvement – educate the parent on how to raise emotionally healthy children
  • 1994 For Kids’ Sake – to support families of divorce with emphasis on co-parenting
  • 1996 Building Bright Future – parenting the child with attention deficits
  • 1997 Parenting the Strong-Willed Child – help parents with alternative, effective parenting approaches and strategies
  • 2004 Turning Points – to help & support incarcerated parents

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